6 Responses to “Faceted Navigation: Typical Structures for Values”

  1. Hi James, thanks for this, an interesting read.

    Your ‘five common structures of facet values’ remind me of Nathan Shedroff’s (who in turn refers Richard Saul Wurman’s work) seven ways of organising information:

    Those are not quite directly comparable to yours but provide interesting food for thought still.

    Cheers, Jussi

  2. […] Faceted Navigation: Typical Structures for Values « Experiencing InformationFacets are categories that describe the properties of an object or collection of objects. Facet categories then have values. In faceted navigation schemes, the values are the things you click on to navigate to a set of items or to filter a list. The type of structure that those values have, however, can vary depending on the type of facet you are dealing with. […]

  3. […] Kalbach hat eine nette Zusammenstellung von aktuell verwendeten Darstellungen von Möglichkeiten der Wertauswahl bei facett… erstellt. Er gliedert sie […]

  4. […] and have published many excellent articles on a variety of design issues, covering topics such as facet structure, layout & display, selection paradigm, and many […]

  5. […] eloquently defined by Jim Kalbach, the values for websites are often broken down into 5 different categories of faceted […]

  6. […] “Faceted Navigation: Typical Structures for Values” […]

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