This workshop is now over. We had a small group, so the dialog and interaction was lively and engaging throughout the day.

Here are a few comments from participants:

“James includes just the right mix of information, examples and break out sessions to help deepen participants’ understanding of navigation design. His approach was both engaging as well as highly informative. Additionally, he offered examples that I will definitely build upon to WOW clients, and change the navigation game.” Denise McDermott, Information Architect (Contract), Sapient Nitro

“James Kalbach’s course [on web navigation and faceted search] provides a thorough introduction to navigation and its underlying principles, covering both established and emerging navigational techniques, and exploring new frontiers for innovation. Best of all, James provides simple but profound frameworks for thinking through navigational design challenges for any type of site or application, along with practice applying them. I would highly recommend James’ course for practitioners at any level.” – Jane Stewart, Director, Aboutness Inc.

Thank you to all those who attended.


Orignal Course Description:

Saturday 22 October 2011, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


The web has changed dramatically in the last decade. The notion of Web 2.0 brings with it user-generated content, communities, and broader participation. And new technologies such as Ajax and Flex point to a more interactive web. But amidst this change the basic problems of creating good web navigation and search systems remain. This full-day workshop offers a fresh look at a fundamental topic in creating websites: navigation design. There will be a particular focus on faceted search–an increasingly popular way to improve the findability of information on many sites. The topics and methods covered come to life through many practical examples and hands-on exercises. Participants should have some experience creating or maintaining websites and are looking to deepen their design skills.


  • Principles of navigation – We’ll look at principles such as transitional volatility, banner blindness, and the scent of information.
  • Mechanisms and types of navigation – Mechanisms are the basic building blocks of navigation systems. We’ll review and analyze a wealth of examples.
  • Cores and Paths – You’ll apply many of the principles from throughout the day with a modern technique called Cores and Paths. This turns the normal approach to navigation design on its head—from the inside out.
  • Analysis and implementation of facets – You’ll learn how to identify, document and implement facets with a clear framework.
  • Interface design using facets – You’ll learn about the layout, display, and interaction with facets in detail. Together, we’ll examine numerous real-world examples.
  • Advanced topics – You will also be exposed to special topics in faceted search design, including SEO, selecting multiple values, grouping, and more.

After this class, you will be able to…

  • Understand basic principles of web navigation
  • Recognize different navigation mechanisms
  • Apply modern methods of navigation design
  • Recognise and document facets
  • Systematically design a faceted search system


  • Web designers, including interaction designers, graphic designers, and information architects
  • Usability experts looking to improve web design skills
  • Project managers, product mangers, and others working in related roles seeking to better understand web navigation design


General Assembly

902 Broadway

NY, NY, 10010


  • Coffee and tea will be available upon registration.
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • We will have 2 coffee breaks during each workshop, with snacks served.


Feedback from participants in prior workshops with James Kalbach:

“James delivers a range of highly valuable and relevant strategies in his workshops in a clear, friendly and engaging manner.  You’ll walk away feeling motivated and inspired to put them into use.” – Steven Briffa, Macquarie University, Australia (Apr 2011)

“James very effectively surfaced the key design challenges in a lively, engaging, coherent style.” – Tony Russell-Rose, Manager of UX at Endeca (Feb 2011)

“If you are interested to know more about designing web navigation and information architecture, James’ workshops are definitely the right answer. They are practical and clear.” – Serenella Bardeggia, Information Architect (Feb 2011)

“James demonstrates excitement for his profession and, with this, opens new perspectives for work in web design. The methods presented are practical and immediately usable. My participation in the workshops was really worth it.“ – Jürgen Mirbach, Partner, ICOM GmbH (2009)  

“The content was well prepared and very practical through the numerous examples. I liked the inclusion of references to read later. A valuable seminar overall.“ – Professor Dr. Uwe Klug, Technical College of Westphalia, Germany (2009)

Photo of James Kalbach: 

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