UX Fest was a success! We had full sessions with fabulous participants each day.

Before my workshop on faceted search, I was concerned that Tony Russell-Rose was attending. He’s the Manager of UX at Endeca and probably knows more about facets than I do. But all went well, and he seemed to like it judging by his summary of the session on his blog: “Reflections on Faceted Search and Beyond.” Here’s a few quotes from his post:

“How could James manage to spin out just the faceted search element to a whole day? This I had to see. But I wasn’t disappointed. Like many complex design challenges, there is a fractal nature to them: beneath each major design decision (or principle) there is a myriad of smaller ones. And James very effectively surfaced the key ones in a lively, engaging, coherent style.”

“James also did a commendable job of relating his material to the relevant peer-reviewed scientific literature (something at which the UX practitioner community has not traditionally excelled).”

“So well done James – it was an excellent course and I thoroughtly enjoyed hearing your independent view.”

Thanks, Tony.

Another participant offers this testimonial:

“If you are interested to know more about designing web navigation and information architecture, James’ workshops are definitely the right answer. They are practical and clear. Prior to the workshop, I was uncertain about what faceted search really was and how to implement it on a website: a full day of both practice and theory session gave me a clear understanding about how to use facets.”
– Serenella Bardeggia, Information Architect


[original annoucement for UX Fest:]

I’m proud to be part of William Hudson’s UX Fest in London in February 2011. We’re planning 4 workshops in all:

There are several ways to get a discount: Early bird price, 3-for-2 special, or book all 4 workshops for a single price. Sign up online.

Here are my workshops:

WORKSHOP 1. Designing Web Navigation – Wednesday, 9 February 2011, Central London

This full-day workshop covers principles of web navigation and methods of navigation design with practical examples and exercises. Participants should have some experience creating or maintaining websites but are looking to deepen their design skills.
Topics include:

  • Principles of navigation
  • Scent of information
  • Elements of navigation: mechanisms, types and pages
  • Cores and Paths

WORKSHOP 2. Faceted Search & Beyond – Thursday, 10 February 2011, Central London

This workshop covers principles of faceted classification and shows you how to use facets in web design. Many examples of faceted navigation will be presented and discussed. A clear, structured framework for understanding the individual components is presented to help you understand all the decisions involved. The topics are brought to life through several hands-on exercises.

Topics include:

  • Facet analysis
  • Implementing facets
  • Interface design using facets
  • Advanced topics  including SEO, selecting multiple values, grouping, and more

Audience for all workshops:

  • Beginner to intermediate web designers, including interaction designers, graphic designers, and information architects
  • Usability experts looking to improve web design skills
  • Project managers, product mangers, and others working in related roles seeking to better understand web navigation design, who also have some experience creating websites.

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