The Prague workshop is over now. It was a good group of 13 participants. We learned a lot and had a good time–all in all a very successful workshop.

Here’s what participants had to say:

“The four hour workshop with James Kalbach was very well executed and structured. He managed to provide an inspiring overview of the broad and at times fuzzy topic of alignment diagrams, despite the short duration. ” – Lutz Schmitt, UX Consultant with nexum

“This workshop is pragmatic and practical and exactly what you need to learn how to create any type of alignment diagram.  The design exercises are realistic and James’ advice along the way sharpened our ideas.  If you’re a ‘hands on’ learner and want to know the processes involved, useful techniques and how to use alignment diagrams in your organisation this workshop is for you.” – Theba Islam, User Experience Manager, Emap


Below is the original description and announcement of the workshop.


Thursday 22 September 2011, 14:00-18:00


Identifying the touchpoints between customers and businesses is the first step in creating products and services that provide true value. The use of systematic, visual representations exposes previously unseen opportunities for improvement and for growth. Called ‘alignment diagrams’, this new class of deliverable gives businesses focus and clarity in creating solutions that have impact.

This half-day workshop will give you practical how-to guidance on turning customer insight into actionable design guidance through the alignment technique. After reviewing what alignment diagrams are, we’ll look at the end-to-end process for creating and for using them.


  • Background to alignment diagrams
  • An overall process for the alignment technique
  • Focus on two types of alignment diagrams
    • Customer Journey Maps
    • Mental Model Diagrams
  • Using alignment diagrams to find opportunities and to derive information architectures
This workshop is suited to UX practicioners and managers with intermediate to advanced experience.


The content of this workshop is based on my presentation last year at the Euro IA conference in Paris entitled “Alignment Diagrams: Strategic UX Deliverables.

Also see the article Paul Kahn and I co-authored on the topic: “Locating Value with Alignment Diagrams.”

This workshop greatly expands on these resources and gives more practical, how-to information.


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