UX Strategy: Using Design to Solve Business Problems

This workshop will be held on 2 May 2013 prior to the IA Konferenz in Berlin (3-4 May).

Workshop Description

Businesses typically view UX design as a tactical activity. More and more, however, companies are turning to UX as a source of strategic growth. As they do so, creating a design strategy and aligning it with business goals becomes essential. For many UX designers this represents a new challenge requiring an expanded skill set.

This workshop provides a solid background for understanding, building and communicating an effective UX Strategy. Through many examples, hands-on activities, and references to relevant literature, you’ll learn about this emerging field that is critical to the future of UX.

Thursday, 2 May 2013, 13:00 – 18:00

Sign up for this workshop through the IA Konferenz website.

(NOTE: The IA Konferenz website and conference is in German, but this workshop will be in English).

Workshop Outline

  • Critical look at what “strategy” is and isn’t, and why we need UX strategy
  • A framework for building a UX strategy and aligning with business goals
  • Hands-on exploration of key tools in creating a strategy
  • How to effectively communicate and advocate UX strategy

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“Jim took (what I previously felt was) a nebulous concept and gave it a sensible and practical background. He then walked us through, with lots of tips, how to do it and how to deliver it to a client. After the day’s workshop I felt confident that if I apply this tool, I will get value from the outcome.” – Paul Coombs Head of UX Adfonic Ltd.

“Jim delivers a range of highly valuable and relevant strategies in his workshops in a clear, friendly and engaging manner. You’ll walk away feeling motivated and inspired to put them into use.” – Steven Briffa, Macquarie University, Australia (Apr 2011).

“Jim very effectively surfaced the key design challenges in a lively, engaging, coherent style.” – Tony Russell-Rose, Manager of UX at Endeca (Feb 2011)

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