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Monday-Tuesday November 14-15
“Mapping Experiences: from Insight to Action”
Immersive two-day workshop sponsored by O’Reilly
Boston MA

 Courses Offered

I have years of experience teaching courses and giving professional workshops and courses on a range of topics related to design, innovation and strategy, including:


Here are what previous participants have to say about my workshops:

“James demonstrates excitement for his profession and is able to show information architects new perspectives for their craft. The methods introduced can be put to immediate use. For me  participation in the workshops was really worth it.
– Jürgen Mirbach, Partner, ICOM GmbH

“The workshops material was very well prepared and, through many examples, was communicated in a practical way. It’s great to have all the references to read later. This is a seminar that was worth it.”
– Prof. Dr. Uwe Klug, Department of Informatics and Natural Sciences, Technical College South Westfalen (Facchochschule Südwestfalen).

“The workshop “Alignment Diagrams” with Jim Kalbach was a lot of fun and, through practice-oriented exercises and examples, very hands-on. Alignment Diagrams are certainly an interesting way to communicate with clients, both in strategic project direction and in carrying projects out. I’m going to share this information my colleagues, for sure.”
– Anja Mayr, Interactive Tools.

“Thank you very much for the workshop yesterday. It was really insightful and has changed the way I see and will use alignment diagrams in the future. I look forward to sharing my new perspective with my colleagues at Bunnyfoot”
– Dr Luis Santa-Maria, Consultant, Bunnyfoot.

“Jim took (what I previously felt was) a nebulous concept and gave it a sensible and practical background. He then walked us through, with lots of tips, how you to do it and how to deliver it to a client. After the day’s workshop I felt confident that if I apply this tool, I will get value from the outcome.”
– Paul Coombs Head of UX Adfonic Ltd