GoLexa Search Engine

22 December 2007

Just came across GoLexa. The interesting thing about this is the search results. They provide quite a bit of context, including links to bookmarking sites, page data, page previews, etc. And there are also plenty of other tools, like direct links to analyze keywords and refine your search.

This brings up the point of the Navigation Layer that I made in my presentation at the Euro IA conference in Barcelona. Navigating the long tail of online information isn’t necessarily about having content or even just finding it. It’s about making sense of it and understanding it. In order to do that, you have to provide structure to both the tools and the content, which is what GoLexa does. There is a lot of hand-crafted IA work on the search results page for GoLexa, even though the content is all dynamically populated.

Check it out–it’s quite interesting.


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